Stephen Bruton Wellness Initiative

"Artist Wellness Program"

In the name of Stephen Bruton, an Artist Wellness Program has been established to aid in the prevention and early detection of life threatening disease and to guide the participant towards a higher state of ongoing wellness and quality of life.

The goal of this program is to help participants; gain an in-depth understanding of their body’s current state of health, deliver individualized results to them in an easy to comprehend manner, provide them the supplements and guidance to move towards increased wellness, and give them the tools they need to track their daily progress.

Working Artists involved will be asked to commit to a 90-day assessment and adjustment program and this will be afforded to them free of charge. The first step is a Biomarker blood test that establishes their baseline current state of health and wellness.

The Biomarker personal health surveillance tests can identify an individual’s risk for serious conditions and diseases at their earliest, most treatable stage. These advanced health assessments measure blood-based biomarkers to evaluate an individual’s risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic health conditions.

The comprehensive individualized results of these tests will be delivered to the artist digitally and loaded into a software application that displays their results graphically along with a narrative summary explaining their results in a simple and easy to understand format. A program coordinator will spend time explaining the results and will answer questions.

Nutritional supplement packs will also be made available for free to the participating Artists that will help them address key areas of daily health maintenance. The program’s software application will assist the Artist with these supplements through daily reminders and instructions of when and how to take them most effectively.


The Artist Wellness Program utilizes advanced mobile technology and can be accessed by the Artist via smartphones, tablets and desktop platforms and also incorporates the use of a wearable smart device (fitbit, fuel, iWatch, etc.).

The included software application displays the artist’s biomarker results data and identifies the key areas of concern that need to be addressed in order to move the artist towards a higher state of wellness and quality of life.

Through the use of daily reminders and tracking algorithms, the Artist will be able to monitor, interact with, and measure their progress of correcting their individualized areas of concern identified from the biomarker test results. Small incremental changes in lifestyle and behavior can have very large impacts on a person’s wellness and health and the added ability to visually see the daily progress of these changes is paramount towards converting unhealthy choices and reactions to the stresses of daily life into a higher state of well being and harmony.



The Artist Wellness Program is the cornerstone of the Stephen Bruton Wellness Initiative. The goal of the initial 2015 pilot program is to include 200 participant Artists into the program and track their adherence and efficacies of progress as they collectively embark on a journey towards higher wellness and harmony – all in the name and remembrance of Stephen Bruton.

This program will be offered free of charge to the Artist community, and the initial costs will be offset from proceeds collected from the sale of the “Road to Austin” concert video compilation and also from donation/sponsor support.